Very Inspiring!

I stole this from my buddy Tony McCollum's blog (www.tonymccollum.com). I agree with Tony that it is very inspiring. My uncle Larry says that our world - and generation - is desperate need of inspiration. I agree. Check it out! Thanks Tony.

Stuff @ Rocky River

Hey ya'll!

Just wanted to give ya'll an update on what's going on at R2C2. Here's the bullet list. It's really amazing!

-We are baptizing about 11 people this Sunday. THAT IS HUGE! If there was nothing else to say that would truly be enough…

-This is our last Sunday at Rocky River Elementary School. We make our BIG transition to Pitts School Road Elementary on August 26. CAN HARDLY WAIT!

-To date, we have purchased about $28,000 in new sound gear and equipment – badly needed upgrades. We’ll be spending about $4,000 more before it’s over with.

-We have a graphic designed working on all new signs and banners for the school. You guys are going to freak out over the look of things and the ministry upgrades we’re making.

-We had someone donate an equipment trailer to the church today! That’s right, I said they “donated” it! Those kinds of things happen when people have caught the vision of what we’re doing at R2C2. THANKS! Now we have a way to haul all of our near gear as well as the old gear.

-Be on the lookout for a new venture coming your way called Rocky River Graphics. I’ll tell you more about that later…

-On Wednesday we’ll be doing a “dry run” at Pitts to check out equipment and work through our new setup strategy. Very excited about that.

-On September 16 we will kick off our first LifeTalk series in the new school. It’s called “Baggage” and I think it will be one of the most meaningful service series we’ve ever done at R2C2.

-I am wanting to do an outdoor service and concert somewhere in uptown Concord where we serve free food, preach a message and then have a baptism all in one. What would that look like? Does anyone have the energy and vision to help plan something like that?

-Did I mention that someone just gave us another trailer today! Dang! We have quite an arsenal now – three trailers!


God is great!


I just wanted to send a shout out to this week's R2C2 Freaks - our Parking Team and Greeting Team!!! I have had people tell me all week about how awesome the greeting and parking went this weekend. Jamie Almond (Parking) and Tami Sherrill (Hospitality)are great leaders. Your work, along with your teams, created the buzz around the church before the services ever even began. Take a bow gang - you've created quite a buzz!


"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”

This passage of Scripture is a reminder that even though we are not perfect, God still loves us very much. And He wants us to have times in our lives to start over. He is the God of second chances.


I grew up in Moore's Park in Charlotte near the airport. The kid at the end of the street was Randy Thompson. We played football in his side yard - which was the end of the neighborhood, so it was perfect. The only problem was that there was a power-line that cut across the sideline along the roadside of his house (our ball field). So we had a rule. If the ball hit the line it was an automatic "do over."

Every year about this time I start to think about playing ball in Randy's yard with Bobby, Ronnie, David, Jimmy (Barker), Steven, Trey, Mashburn, Deke, Brian, Johnny and a few others. That power-line has come to mean more to me through the years than the football, and even the kids. That power-line and the "do-over" reminds me that God gives "do-overs." It's kind of like a rule He has. Sometimes my life gets too close the sidelines, going out-of-bounds, and hits the power-line and messes things up. But God - my Heavenly Father - is always willing to give me a "do-over" - a second chance. Or, in my case, ANOTHER chance (He's given me a lot of "do-overs" through the years).

Let me just remind you (or you may not realize it and so you're hearing it for the first time), God is the god of "do-overs." If you need a second chance at a new life - a new start - He is ready to give you one. I'll be talking about how to RESET your life this Sunday and next Sunday at Rocky River Church. Hope to see you there!


"Every great champion has at least one more BIG fight in him."

"It ain't about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. It's about how much you can take and not quit."

These quotes are for my friend Joe - a brain cancer survivor. Doctors told him eight years ago that he only had twelve months to live. He's taken a lot of hits in those eight years but he keeps moving forward; he keeps fighting.

Joe: Keep fighting CHAMP! You are one of the bravest people I've ever known. We (your family and friends and church) will fight with you until God brings "this" to a close! You can believe that we have got your back!

No Weapon Formed Against You....

In January 2010 I am participating in a Coaching Network with Perry Noble - the Pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. NewSpring is one of the churches we've been learning from for about four years now. I love this place! I love Perry!

Anyway, here's a post he made to his blog yesterday. It really spoke to me and I'll bet it will to you as well. I realize many of you who read my blog are not pastors (this post is to his fellow pastors) but you can easily make the connection to your own life.

Enjoy and be encouraged! And remember, no weapon formed against you will prosper!

Something to Remember

You can't have a "testimony" until you have first gone through a "test."


Something to Remember

You can't have a "testimony" until you have first gone through a "test."


God Will Provide

I am reading through the Bible right now chronologically and found a promise that has really spoken to me this week, perhaps it will to you as well. The context for the promise is that Abraham has taken his son Isaac (his "only son" according the Genesis 22:12) to Mount Moriah to offer him as a sacrifice to the LORD (at the LORD's directing I might add). On the way up the mountain, Isaac asked his father "where is the sheep for the burnt offering?" not realizing that he was the offering. Abraham's response was one of GREAT faith. He simply said, "God will provide."

Right now we are going through some serious financial times at Rocky River Church. There's no way to beat around the bush on this. But I believe God gave me this promise for my family and your family and our church family. It is a story of God's provision.

The whole story is found in Genesis 22 and I would encourage you to read it. It is very powerful. The key point in the story is that Abraham didn't hold anything back from God - not even his son. And when God saw his TOTAL faith in Him, God made provision for the sacrifice. He provided a ram in the thicket. When we have faith in God, He provides. I can't wait to share more of this on Sunday.

Here's a great verse for memorization; Genesis 22:14. It says, "On the mountain of the LORD, it (the sacrifice) will be provided." These are Abraham's words about the provision of God. He called God "Yahweh-Yireh" which means, "The LORD will provide." It also means, "God will see to it" and "God will appear."

I wanted to share this with you today and encourage you that no matter what the deficits are in your life, if you are faithful to God, He will provide. He will "see to it...He will appear."

I Just Wanted To Say....

No matter what you and I face today, God is still God...and God is still good.