I know you may be tired of the Elvis stuff...BUT...

I know some of you guys are probably tired of the Elvis stuff. But too bad…☺. Anyway, June 21, 1977 was the last concert Elvis ever performed. By the time you read this blog it will be June 21, 2007 – the 30th anniversary of that concert. Here is a video of that last concert.

Elvis is fat in this video. A lot of people pick on him for that. At Graceland they have on display one of his jumpsuits from when he was fat – on prescription drugs and depressed and eating too much. It has a belly pocket and all. There is a sign under it that says, “Don’t judge someone else until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” (one of Elvis’ favorite sayings). All of us are fat, skinny, or ugly, or too short, or too tall, or balled-headed, or too hairy, or have a past we’re ashamed of, or drug and alcohol addictions or something else that’s wrong. This video reminds me that we’re all human beings and should be careful of how we judge others. The Bible says that we’re judged based on how we judge others. (Don’t know where the rant came from).

Anyway, here’s the video…

Elvis...Died 30 Years Ago Today...

I can remember where I was when I heard that Elvis Presley had died 30 years ago today. I was playing baseball at my uncle Larry’s house down in Indian Trail. [My uncle Larry reads my blog – HEY LARRY! I can’t wait to see you and your family on Saturday!] Anyway, I was playing baseball with my cousins Chris and Allan Simpson. My aunt Reba came out of my Grandpa Simpson’s house and screamed “Elvis is dead!” My aunt Linda had called and told my mom who told Reba and everybody else in the house. I couldn’t believe it back then at nine years of age and I still can’t believe it now that I’m thirty-nine years old. I am now, and will always be, a HUGE fan of the king.

This is a video of my favorite Elvis singing my favorite "Elvis" song. Enjoy!

My Way...!

The meaning of this song is where life goes wrong...whether you're Bon Jovi, Sinatra or even Big E.