Coaching For Pastors

Coaching For Pastors

I have been in a tele-coaching network with Nelson Searcy ( through Church Leader Insights ( for the last several months. Actually, it is my second coaching network I've done with Nelson. To say the LEAST, it has been off the hook helpful! Our church over the last few months has doubled in size and I attribute much of that to the things I've learned from Nelson and others in the network.

If you are a pastor/church planter you should really check this out. I noticed at they are taking applications for the next network. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your church you have got to get in this network! Here's the link

If you want to ask me questions about how it works and how we have benefited from the network, just shoot me an email at


For Church Planters And Senior Pastors Only

Hey guys. Go to Perry Noble's blogsite and read this post. This is SO TRUE!

Once you've read Perry's post, go to and get you so world class coaching from Nelson Searcy. YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO DO THIS! SERIOUSLY!

If you have any questions about Nelson Searcy or this tele-coaching network (I've been through four of his networks and I'm trying to get into his advanced coaching network now) just email me at

Be a victor, not a victim. Get a coach and take your ministry to the next level!

Jimmy Britt, Lead Pastor