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Go Big

A very good friend gave me a copy of "Go Big" by Bill Easum and Bil Cornelius. This is a no bull, here's what you have to do to grow your church kind of book. I read most of it in one session. It is well written and power packed. No fluff here.

If you are buying into this “missional church…we don’t count people because it is not about church growth” movement (blah!), then don’t go near this book. But if you still believe in the Great Commission and explosive growth then get it NOW! And if you don’t buy it, whine to someone else about your church not growing ☺.

This is the kind of books we need for the “Big Dogs” to be writing.

Thanks for the book Nelson!

For other tools that have helped us (Rocky River Community Church) nearly double our attendance over the last year, go to and buy the Assimilation Seminar and Planning a One Year Preaching Calendar.


Hey to my church planting/new church start/blogging pastor buddies. If you are going to blog...BLOG! There's nothing worse that going to a blog site to catch up on what's happening with your ministry and finding that you haven't posted anything in a week. Keep up with your life. Keep up with the life of your church. Not posting recent blogs is like having a stagnant website. Keep things fresh.

Anyway, just wanted to kick us all in the butt a little. We have to stay current, not just in our blogs but also in our thinking and learning. If you’re not writing, you’re not thinking. If you’re not thinking, you’re not learning. If you’re not learning, you’re not leading.

Once again...

Once again...

Once again, I want to push this book. I just read it AGAIN! I don’t usually get so excited over a book, but I just know how much this book can help. Easum and Cornelius say some things you’ve heard before but maybe forgotten. They also say some hard things that you might not expect. These guys lay it out clearly and plainly! If you are starting a new church, working in a plateaued, or just need something to get you going again, READ THIS BOOK!

It is available at

18 Word of Mouth Marketing Tips For Churches

So often we forget that as leaders we can reach a few people, but if we empower our congregations they can reach exponentially more people. It's how the church works. Here are 18 tips for boosting the “word of mouth” promotion of your church. Enjoy!

Helpful Website For Church Leaders

Here's a helpful website for church leaders. Tony Morgan is on staff at Granger Community Church in Southbend, IN. He's one of the "Simply Strategic Stuff" guys. The articles on this site are practical and relevant - real "nuts and bolts" kind of stuff. Enjoy learning!

Pastor Resigns

Ted Haggard, a well-known mega church pastor in Colorado has resigned his church amid allegations of homosexual sin and illegal narcotics. It is a shame – a real shame. Moral purity is something every pastor has to deal with – it is not always easy. It is often a great battle – but one that must be fought and won!!!

Here is an article by Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. It is full of practical advise for every Christian Leader to stay moral in immoral times.

*Be sure to watch the video

This Will Get You Started...

Hey guys. Over the last year we have doubled our attendance. I'm telling you that at least 50% of that has been assimilation. Here's an article that will get you started with assimilation However, if you want the hard core stuff go to and buy Nelson Searcy's stuff on assimilation. It is gold.

Anyway, if you want to grow your church you have to get a handle on assimilation.

Sony Playstation 3 Prompts Violence

Here's something for church leaders to think about. How do we create the kind of want and need in people for church/God/Jesus/Life-change, etc., so that they will line up days before an event/service at our churches? Is what we offer better than a Sony Playstation 3? [I know it is]. Then what are we missing? What are we NOT doing? Or, what are we doing wrong?

Any thoughts?

Guy Kawasaki & Steve Wozniak

If you are into creativity, "techMology," business, etc., listen to this video interview.

FREE Conference for Church Planters!!!

Yes, it really is free. The Journey Church (NYC) is hosting a FREE church planting conference.

In conjunction with the release of the book “Launch: Starting a “New Church From Scratch,” authors and pastors Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas of The Journey Church will host a free National Church Planting Conference, January 22-23, 2007 in metro New York City.

NOW, just because it is free, don’t think it is not worth it. THIS IS SOLID GOLD STUFF!

During this two-day event at The Korean Church of Queens, Nelson and Kerrick will explore from scratch to success in launching a new church. The conference is designed for church planters, pastors and church leaders planning to start a new church or anyone looking for the latest insight into church planting success.

Nelson started The Journey Church of the City in New York, NY in 2002. The congregation has grown from a handful of people to more than 1,000. The Journey is an innovative, multicultural church in Manhattan and is one of the fastest-growing churches in the Northeast.

The conference is FREE with RSVP at the website ($35 at the door). For questions, contact Lauren at (212) 730-8300 x212 or

For my friends (church-planters in the Charlotte Metro area and Cabarrus County), if you don’t take advantage of this you are crazy. If you are serious about launching a high-impact church this is a must!!!

We have decided at Rocky River that the church plants we support are going to be churches that learn from these guys.

Check out these websites: