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Are You Stuck?

Do you find yourself pushing against the same Growth Barriers week after week?

Register now for the Breaking The Top Three Growth Barriers Workshop Seminar led by Nelson Searcy!

Join Nelson Searcy for this LIVE seminar in Raleigh and Columbia. Here are the dates and locations.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
9:00am - 12:00pm

Hosted by:
New Horizons Fellowship
820 E. Williams St.
Apex, NC 27502


Thursday, May 6, 2010
9:00am - 12:00pm

Hosted by:
River Springs Church
1007 West Shady Grove Road
Irmo, SC 29063

This seminar will include:
- What is keeping your church from growing the way God desires
- How to identify and break the three most common barriers blocking your church's growth
- Pouring the foundation for solid growth in the future
- Specific coaching on these growth barriers
- The tools you need to break through these barriers
- Plus much more!

Space is Limited so register RIGHT NOW @

This training event is for Senior Pastors who are interested in leading their churches to growth and greater effectiveness in reaching their communities with the Gospel and making disciples.

Questions? Contact us @ 800.264.5129 or by email

Fusion Webinar TODAY!!!

Senior Pastors and Church Planters, check out this webinar today! It has made a HUGE impact on the life of Rocky River Church. Click here to register now!

Books // Coaching // Resources

This post is mostly for my senior pastor buddies out there.

Guys, I'm in an Advanced Coaching Network with Nelson Searcy (Church Leader Insights). I can't even tell you how much I have learned after just two sessions. I'll tell you more about that in a later post but suffice it to say that if you're not in a CLI coaching network, you should be! Seriously!

Anyway, as a part of the network we are reading like crazy (not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers). A few of the books we've read have really "messed" me up and I think you should read them too. Here goes...

"The E-Myth Manager" by Michael Gerber. This book will give pastors, especially in staff led churches, a whole new perspective on what it takes to manage others. Also, if you are a church planter, you MUST read this book. You need to hear that you are not a manager but a technician and need a team around you that includes a manager. Guys, read this book first!

"Maximize" by Nelson Searcy. Pastors, we've got to stop being wimps when it comes to money; handling it, preaching about it, and teaching our people how to steward it. This book will teach you how to develop extravagant givers in your church. BTW, next week all of our directional leaders at Rocky River Church will meet in my office to work through the Stewardship System (

"Fusion" by Nelson Searcy. Actually, you should read this book first. This book is about how to steward the people God is sending to your church. You will learn how to turn first time guests into fully committed members of your church. I would also recommend you getting a download of The Assimilation Intensive. It will CHANGE your church by next Sunday - seriously! Here's the link

Let me offer one more thing. If you are not in a coaching network, then why not? The investment is SO worth it. I have been through several coaching networks with Nelson and I'm telling you that as he grows, I grow with him and so does Rocky River Church. And to those out there who are CLI coaching alumni, you have GOT to apply for the next Advanced Coaching Network. Here's the link to CLI coaching

Remember, growing churches are led by growing leaders...period. If you are not learning you are not leading.


Pastor: Grow Your Church This Summer

Pastor:  Grow Your Church This Summer

** WARNING** DO NOT read any further if you don't believe in reaching people for Christ, growing your church, working hard or you just like being an "average pastor."

For those pastors interested in maximizing their life and ministry, Nelson Searcy at Church Leader Insights/The Journey Church is offering a free webinar today at 2PM (EST) to help your church avoid the "summer slump" and actually grow this summer. Don't miss it! I was on the webinar yesterday and it was so good I signed up our staff to listen to it as a team today. Guys, why not get prepared for the summer? Why would you not take advantage of this information and practical help? BTW, if you do miss this FREE webinar because you're too lazy to make the effort or you are playing video games on your iPhone, don't whine all summer about low attendance and no money to do ministry.

Here's the link: SIGN UP RIGHT NOW! Gather your staff around this webinar. Grow yourselves so God can grow your church.

Way to NOT settle for average!

Testimony: Currently, I am in Nelson's Advanced Coaching Network, our Pastor of Community is in Kerrick's Executive Coaching Network, and our Staff Team is in Nelson's Assimilation Coaching Network. So you can tell that we believe in the coaching through Church Leader Insights. It is paying off for our church in BIG TIME. We will reach our goal this year of baptizing over 100 people! To me that means that God is honoring our preparedness. I cannot even tell you how much value this coaching has added to my leadership, our staff, our volunteers and our church. If you want to contact me personally to find out more about coaching and what it is like, etc., shoot me an email at