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Day 5 in NYC - Learnings

Today was a very productive day for me here in the Big Apple. I spent the day working out of The Journey offices in Times Square. I participated in various meetings and planning sessions. It's amazing what these guys do!

Here are a couple of my BIG learnings from today:

1. You have to add staff for growth. If a church plans to grow it has to be prepared for it. You don't grow and then add staff. That is an old model that just doesn't work anymore. The Biblical principle is this: God won't give you what you're not prepared to handle.

Right now we have a great staff but I think we need a student pastor. We have gobs (how is that for a good southern word) of students already, but if we plan to grow that ministry and created stability for it we are going to need to add a student pastor (part time for now). Our student ministry has great potential for growth.

On a roll at Rocky River!!!

To say the least, we are on a roll at R2C2. Our attendance is higher right now than it has been in several years. Our giving is up. The overall mood is very positive. We’re seeing new faces every Sunday. People are taking Class 101, Discovering Church Membership. And in the last couple of months we have had a number of folks make first time commitments to Christ and rededications. We will be baptizing about 15 people in September at our next baptism. More and more folks are stepping up to serve on our ministry teams. The challenge now is to keep the momentum going by preparing for the fall, which is typically our “big growth season.”

Productive Week

It has been a very productive week here at the “world wide headquarters” of Rocky River Community Church ☺. We started a new policy this week that says everything for the weekend service has to be finished by midnight on Thursday. We missed the deadline by about 1 hour. We’re getting there. Anyway, it sure feels good to have everything ready for the weekend so that you have Friday to slack off a little. In fact, I’m going with some buddies (Brandon Whedbee and Brian Walters) to see “Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby” at 1:20 today at Carolina Mall. I’ll let you know if it is any good. Be looking for the blog.

Anyway, this Sunday at R2C2 is going to be great! We are kicking off a new message series on prayer called VERTICAL: talking with God. Do you like Bon Jovi? If you do you are going to love the music this week. Can you guess which song we’re doing? Hmmm. The series is on prayer…Hmmm….

Anyway, see you Sunday @ Rocky River!!!

The Search Continues

Yesterday I pulled the plug on a conversation I've been having with a potential student pastor (youth pastor) from Virginia. He's a great guy, highly recommended and all. But there were a couple things I just couldn't get my hands/head around. Anyway, the search for a part-time youth pastor continues.

Thanks for your prayers…

God is Working in our Church

Thanks for reading this...

Over the past few years, we have struggled at Rocky River to stay at around 150 people on Sunday mornings. There are lots of reasons why...I don't care to air them out here. Anyway, over the last few months we have gotten considerable traction. Our attendance average is over 200. Every week we have had tons of new and first-time visitors. We have good systems to assimilate these new folks. I really see no reason why we can't grow to over 300+ this fall. Will you help me "pray-in" this miracle? Here's how you can pray...

1. Pray for new people to keep coming to Rocky River. At Rocky River we count people because people count. Each person represents someone that God loves and that Jesus gave His life for.

Will You Pray?!

Hey gang. As you may or may not know, we are wrapping up a series tomorrow (Sunday, August 27) called "VERTICAL: Talking with God." Tomorrow's message is "How to Pray for Others" from Acts 12. It will be a timely message. By timely in that I would like to ask you for your prayers, especially over the next several days. Here's what's going on...

Our Land & Building Team will be meeting on Monday night to make some BIG decisions related to our church building campaign. I am about to burst with excitement! I wish I could spill my guts right now. Seriously, big things are happening…and they are happening very quickly. I (and all of our leaders involved in the Land & Building Team) need your prayers. Pray that God will give us His discernment (His mind), His wisdom, and His courage to follow Him. I know you might not be use to me using such “churchy” language, but I’m just telling you what the team needs. ☺

If you will be praying, will you let me know? It would be very encouraging to our Staff and leaders to know that dozens, if not hundreds of you guys are out there praying for us at this time. Just send me an email to to let me know you are praying.

LIVE LARGE FOR GOD and enjoy the journey!

A BIG Night For Rocky River Community Church!

Last night [August 28] was a BIG night for Rocky River Community Church. We had a Land & Building Team meeting where we made some major decisions affecting the future of R2C2 and our community. As a team, we approved the footprint of Phase 1 of our future ministry campus, elevations (the basic look of the building), and a financial plan to help us secure the funding necessary to make things happen. Additionally, we have approved a general timeline for the completion of our fundraising campaign, which will kick-off in late September or early October. The timeline calls for an end to the fundraising campaign just before Thanksgiving. That means that if the Lord blesses and provides as we (our team) believes He will, we could be breaking ground by the Spring of 2007.

I couldn’t wait to pass this along to our church, community and everyone who loves Rocky River Community Church. We will be making major announcements in the next week or so.

Please continue to pray and support Rocky River Community Church. Thanks!

Jimmy Britt


Man, I love Rocky River Community Church!!! I pastor the coolest church on the planet – and that is the truth. But you know what, sometimes we mess up. Some weeks things aren’t as “spit-shined and polished” as we would like for them to be. Today was one of those days. The videos didn’t work, the band missed a few cues and my jokes were flat. But I’m okay with that. To me, it’s more important to be real and authentic with our worship than perfect in the presentation.

So, WAY TO GO TEAM! I love you guys. I love all of our volunteers. You all make R2C2 work. We’ll get it right next week!!!


The Power of Music

The Power of Music

Recently I have started to get into U2. I guess I've liked some of their music for a few years now, but at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit 2006 I really started to dig Bono. He did an incredible interview with Bill Hybels (pastor of Willow Creek) that just blew me away.

Anyway, I found this picture of Bono/U2 onstage and it reminded me of the power of music. Look at the crowd. Look at Bono. It's almost like a worship experience. If they (Bono/the Crowd/U2 can get so excited about these songs, how intense should our songs and worship be on Sundays?! Hey, this week @ Rocky River, we will have the volume pumped up. Join us by SINGING LOUD!!!

The Art of Creating Community

This is an awesome article. It is a must read for pastors and church planters. You have got to read this article!!!