You Are Not A Goose!

You a not a goose so stop flying "south!"

If you are living in the United States (even with our poor economic climate) you have choices and options in life. This is the greatest country on the face of the earth. The "playing field" is as level in this country as it is anywhere in the world and at any time in history. What does that mean to me? It means that you have the opportunity to make as much, or as little of your life as you desire.

TRUTH: Your life is where it is because of the choices you have, or have not made. Most of the things we don't like about ourselves in life can be changed by making better decisions and creating better habits in our lives. Stop being a victim and blaming others and your environment or anything else for your life. Take ownership of your life so you can move forward.

If you don't like "where you are" or "what you are" in life, then do something about it. Get started this weekend at Rocky River Church ( I will be teaching a LifeTalk called "How Can I Change My Life?" It is going to be a powerful message from Genesis 32:22-32. Jacob's experience with God teaches us there are four phases God uses to change our lives.

**WARNING!! This is not a "self-help" message. This is a "with God's help" you can change your life message. I hope you will plan to attend and come expecting God to change the trajectory of your life. Bring a friend.

See you Sunday!