Carolina Panthers

I'll Say It! I NEED TO VENT!!!

The Carolina Panthers are a bunch of quitters. I love them! The Panthers are my team. But right now they are playing football like a bunch of "no heart" quitters. Some of them were even laughing on the sidelines yesterday. I'm sure they weren't laughing because they were getting their butts handed to them, but you DON'T laugh (causing nothing should be funny) when you're getting skunked!!!

And, I love John Fox. But when you are playing a game to be on top of your division, a rival that you've pretty much owned over the years, AT HOME, and you can't get up for it... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That's coaching. It's the coach's job to get his team ready to play and these guys were not ready and haven't been ready for one game this year. If it wasn't for Hall (Atlanta) showing his butt last week we would probably be 1 and 4 instead of 2 and 2.

I've got more...

I guess we know why David Carr is a back-up QB. It couldn't have been more obvious. He started feeling the pressure before there was any pressure to feel. He threw so many balls away that our leading receiver was the equipment manager for Tampa Bay.


How good to Delhomme make Steve Smith look? Oh yeah. I said that! Steve Smith can't catch a ball if Jake isn't the one throwing it. You think about it...

The managment of the Carolina Panthers owe Chris Jenkins a HUGE apology for even thinking about trading him. If he wasn't on our team then we truly would not have one guy playing defense.

I love Dan Morgan. My kid's jersey number is 55 for goodness sakes. I love him. But if he can't play, let him go! And Peppers too! Yeah, I said that too.

Here's why I'm so ticked off. I can live with being beaten. I can lose. I don't like it but I can do it. But I can't live with quitters. And I don't want to hear one person say a thing about empty stands and no-class fans. That team deserved to be walked out on yesterday. Why? Because our team has no heart. NO HEART!

I still believe we can turn things around. I don't think the season is lost. We can recover from this. But we've got to turn things around now. Right now!

Coach Fox. If you need me to come give these guys a pep talk I will. I'll fire them up! I'll remind them of how important all of it is! If you want me - a fan (a pastor and his family that has struggled financially since college to keep our PSL's) to come talk with the guys before the game I would be glad to do it. I'd be glad to bring my 7 year old who plays for the love of the game - and wears his Panthers jersey and stands up to Cowboy and Steelers fans for his team - so he can remind our guys how important it is to have heart. Just email me at We love this team. And we wear them on our sleeves. We take it personally. And so should the Panthers!

Let's get it goin' boyz! COME ON!