Hey gang. I'm ordering these shirts tomorrow (Thursday, June 27). Do you want one of these t-shirts for July 4th. I'm going to order a bunch of them but I'm trying to get a feel for how many folks want them. They will sell for $7 - HARD TO BEAT THAT!

Anyway, email me asap at to let me know how many and what sizes. You can pay for them when you pick them up on Sunday!

*To me these look as cool as Old Navy's July 4th shirts :).

Last Night Together

Last Night Together

This is one of the most touching pictures I've ever seen. This soldier's wife is spending here last night with her husband. If you're wondering what she's doing with the laptop she's playing all their songs and looking at pictures of them together. This is what soldier's - and cops - and their families sign up for when they serve. It just makes me proud of them.

In Response to President Jimmy Carter...

Jimmy Carter was one of the speakers this morning at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. I remember when Jimmy Carter was President - mostly through the eyes of my daddy - but I remember. Mostly what I remember is that our country seemed so weak. Our flag was being burned all over the world. Inflation was through the roof. Most young families could not fathom owning a home – the American Dream. The nightly news was one bad story after another. Most people in our country didn't even feel good about being Americans. We were scared to death of the Russians. We had hostages in Iran. It was just a hard time in our nation’s history.

My perception of Jimmy Carter has always been that he was a weak President. It's hard for me to listen to him say that George W. Bush (who has been a disappointment at times to me too) is the worst President in our history. I would beg to differ. GWB is certainly not the worst President in my lifetime.

With that said, I have respected President Carter for many years as it relates to human rights and world causes. I believe he is a man of peace and I really appreciated the things he taught us this morning about leadership and humanity in general. He is a very genuine and kind man. Thanks Bill Hybels (Senior Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church) for challenging me to listen to him and learn. I certainly did.

But I would like to get a couple of things off my chest too. I would like to say to President Carter that not all wars (like the one we're in with global terrorists - particularly in Iraq) are waged out of revenge. Some wars, like the war against terrorism, are fought for the sake of justice. Sometimes you fight for yourselves and for those who can’t fight for themselves. We're fighting this war - and should do so whenever necessary - because sometimes the ugly head of tyranny has to be cut off. Sometimes you can't have justice through diplomacy. Sometimes you have to give the bully down the street (or across an ocean or desert) the only thing he understands - a good old-fashioned butt whipping.

And, I too believe we should be gentle as individuals and as a nation of people whenever possible. But sometimes gentleness is only a smoke screen used to hide behind our fears. Sometimes what we call meekness is only an excuse for being weak.

Some battles are worth fighting!