Holy Land

Mount Of Olives

This is a picture someone in our group snapped of me this past year (2012) when I was in the Holy Land. The background is what I'd rather you focus on :). This place is called the Mount of Olives. It is named so because of its extensive olive groves in the area. It is sometimes called the "Mount of Ointment" because olive oil was used for many things, including medicines/ointments. If the person taking the picture would have had a wide angle lens you would also see The Church of All Nations where Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of Mary Magdalene.

This was a prominent place in the life and ministry of Jesus. For example, it was the stage for some of the most significant events at the end of His life. For example, this is where He began His triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem. It is also the final place He gathered with His disciples in before He ascended into Heaven (Acts 1). It is the place where Jesus gave what we call His "Olivet Discourse"; His teachings in the Gospel of Matthew about the destruction of the Temple and the End Times. [I was preaching on those things when this picture was taken.]

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing this picture - the background, not me :) - as we get closer and closer to Easter. In the days to come leading up to Holy Week I will post more pictures of the places that figure prominently into the Passion story of Jesus.

Holy Land Trip 2012

This is a note to all my senior pastor buddies out there. I want to invite you to go to the Holy Land this May with Nelson Searcy (of course, I'll be on the trip too). This trip is LITERALLY a once in a lifetime opportunity. The trip is a DELUXE FIRST CLASS trip for Senior Pastors and their spouse and/or up to four members of your senior staff. It is truly going to be a VIP experience. Click here for costs, travel details and itinerary. http://www.churchleaderinsights.com/holyland

Just a couple of quick facts about our trip:
1. Our tour company, DuCarTours.com is the the same company that hosted trips this past year for Glenn Beck and Mick Huckabee.
2. Our trip is ALL INCLUSIVE. There are NO hidden expenses like you will find with other tour companies (trust me on this one!).
3. The tour guide makes the difference - our guide is one of the best in all of Israel.
4. First class accommodations are so important because on a trip like this one you need to be well rested.
5. We will enjoy some of the finest food in the world, both at our hotels and at restaurants we have negotiated with in advance - ALL INCLUDED.
6. One more - on our trip, we not only have a great guide, we also will have Nelson Searcy (www.ChurchLeaderInsights.com and NYJourney.com) to share leadership lessons and insights along the way. AND, Jason Hatley, Nelson's Worship Pastor at The Journey (www.WorshipLeaderInsights.com), will be travleing with us and we will have several worship experiences along the way.
7. Okay, one more - what appeals to pastors about this trip is that it is designed with the senior pastor in mind. The only person you have to worry about is you. Our church members are valuable and important, but this trip is about your spiritual pilgrimage. This is a trip where your life can be filled up and refreshed.

Anyway, I am handling the details for the trip so if you have further questions please email me at Jimmy@RockyRiverChurch.com or call me at 704-795-7625.

Don't wait too long! The trip is filling up fast. We're only have about 30 spots open TOTAL.

Hope to hear from you soon.