More Than An Excuse To Drink Green Beer

Saint Patrick's Day

Unfortunately, Saint Patrick’s Day has become no more than excuse to eat corned beef hash, Irish-smashed potatoes and drink green beer. But there’s a whole lot more to Saint Patrick’s Day – and why we celebrate his life – than you may realize. So, I thought I would share a few facts about Patrick’s life.

1. Saint Patrick was not Irish – nor was he a saint. How’s that for a buzz kill? (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that “buzz kill” thing. Get it? Buzz kill…people drink on Saint Patrick’s Day…). Okay, moving on.

2. He was captured by Pirates as a teenager and taken to Ireland and sold into slavery.

3. Patrick was born some time around 390 AD (although the dates of his life are pretty sketchy). He was raised in a Christian home but was not very religious. He didn’t really take his faith seriously as a young man but while a slave and taking care of sheep in the wilderness for his masters, he had a lot of time to talk to the Lord. One day in his 20’s he simply walked away from his captors. He walked over 200 miles to a port city and sailed home to Great Britain. He enrolled in seminary and became a pastor.

4. After seminary, Patrick returned to Ireland to preach the Gospel and start churches. Why? Because the Church had basically given up on the drunken, violent Celtic people but Patrick wanted to see them come to faith in Jesus Christ.

5. During his lifetime, Patrick is thought to have trained more than 1,000 pastors and started – or helped to start – more than 700 churches. He lived as a missionary and is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland.

6. Patrick took a stance against slavery, which was VERY controversial in his day.

7. As a matter or trivia, some believe that Patrick used the 3-leaved shamrock to explain the Trinity – God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Anyway, I just wanted you know that Saint Patrick’s Day is about SO MUCH MORE than clovers, the color green and leprechauns. It’s about a man who loved The Lord, forgave his slave owners and gave his life to sharing the love of Jesus with people others had given up on. He was a missionary. If you are a Christian, you are a missionary too, just like Pat.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Hey Rocky River Church! I just wanted to remind you to set your clocks FORWARD tonight (1-hour ahead). YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS BEING AT ROCKY RIVER CHURCH TOMORROW! I believe it is going to be one of the most powerful days we've ever experienced. BTW, I have some important things to ask our church to pray about and give feedback to. Anyway, I'm looking forward to a great Sunday with you guys. See you tomorrow!

Love ya'll!


Hey Rocky River Church! I want to start by saying THANK YOU so much for the cupcakes you provided for the senior citizens in our community living in assisted living centers. This is something we started doing several years ago to make sure EACH person living in these homes had a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day. HEY, everyone needs to know they are loved.

So, I was thinking…what could we do for these folks at Easter? Okay, truth be known, most of us don’t think about seniors living in assisted living homes until the major holidays like Christmas. But seniors, like the rest of us, need friends and fellowship and love all year round. So what if we did something for them at Easter? What do you think? Could we do Easter baskets – goodie bags, etc.? I have ideas but I’d love to know your thoughts and hear your ideas about this. What could we do?

Also…I would love to do another “gas buy down” project in our community. That was a major event just a couple years ago where we paid a portion of gas for single moms and dads living in our community. We need to make it happen again! Where could we do this project? Any ideas on a gas station that would let us pay for some gas, increase their business for a few hours, and get them tons of attention?

If you have any thoughts or ideas on this, shoot me an email to

Anyway, my big thing was just to say thank you for the cupcakes! But I’d love your feedback on how to keep on reaching out to our community and showing people the love of Jesus Christ in real and practical ways.

Have a great day! I hope to see you Sunday.

Fun Video Promo For Students Vs. Leaders Basketball Game

Hey Rocky River Church. The staff was having a little fun today thinking about Saturday night's "Students vs. The Leaders" basketball game fundraiser for Thirst Camp 2014. Anyway, here's a little smack talk to get everyone excited about the ballgame. BTW, this is all in good humor (my disclaimer in case the students win). We're excited about a night of fun. See ya'll Saturday night at 6PM at Central Cabarrus High School!

Lets Go To The Holy Land!

Hey Rocky River Church, pastors and friends. I am going to Israel (the Holy Land) this May with Nelson Searcy (Church Leader Insights) and some other great friends and I would love for you to go with us. This is an all inclusive, DELUXE FIRST CLASS trip to the Holy Land. The cost of the trip is $4,098 per person. Again, the price includes everything from JFK in New York to Israel and back to the US. The dates are May 22-30, 2014. We still have a few spots open but don't wait too long.

Here is a link that includes the itinerary for our 9 day tour and some other important information. Also, be sure to watch to video attached to this post.

If you want more information about the trip, email me directly at I can promise you this - it will be a trip you will NEVER forget.

God bless you!

Lacrosse Is Coming To Rocky River Church

Hey Rocky River Church. Our Ministry Campus is now one of the local field sites of the Cabarrus County Clash – a local Lacrosse program. The league is open to boys and girls ages 4-17. They welcome every experience level. The Spring league is open for registration now. For more details go to

You can also email our Pastor to Students, Jason Hill – or, call our church office at 704-795-7625.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself." –Luke 10:27

A Miracle On Ice - USA! USA! USA!

[Setting the stage]

In 1980…
-Jimmy Carter was President. He may be a good man, but – in my opinion – he was a terrible, weak President. It’s a long story…
-We had hostages in Iran (FYI, they’ve always been our enemy).
-The Soviet Union (the Russians) had invaded Afghanistan. President Carter was threatening to boycott the summer Olympics games in Moscow. They treated him, and us, with NO respect.
-The Cold War was in full swing with the Soviet Union. And we thought they might invade us at any time. And they were a Super Power back then. We thought they were training superhuman-beings that would destroy us. I’m not even kidding about that.
-It seemed like every country in the Middle East was burning our flag. And the media showed us pictures of it every night on the evening news. I cannot even begin to tell you how demoralizing this was.
-Inflation was SKY-HIGH! Because of inflation, the American Dream of owning a home for most Americans was not even a dream. Interest rates were over 13%.
-It was also a cynical decade because of President Nixon’s resignation.

Anyway, at the Winter Games in Lake Placid we were hopeful that we would do okay in speed skating and a few other things, but HOCKEY?!?! Nah! No one could beat the Soviet Union – Russians. Their hockey players were a part of their military. Their job was to play hockey. There were professionals. Earlier in the summer they had come to America and beaten the NY Rangers, Islanders and Quebec (professionals). So maybe Sweden or Finland could play with them, but not our team. Our team was made up of college students and amateurs (unlike it is today). Literally, these were kids playing grown men.

Do you see how this is unfolding? The US Olympic team playing against the Soviet Hockey machine was like David and Goliath. When the schedule was made no one thought the game would matter so it was scheduled for the afternoon. And when it looked like it would matter ABC wanted to wait and play the game during primetime so Americans could watch it (this was during the 3 channel days so everyone watched the Olympics). But the Soviets refused. So NBC recorded the game and showed it later that night so everyone could see it (This was before the Internet so you could keep these things a secret back then – at least for a while).

Anyway, that hockey game – a semi final game – we still had to beat Finland for the gold medal – was enough to make any American, even a 12 year old kid (me) living in the South who didn't know the difference between a blue line and a clothesline – run around the house screaming and shouting… USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! It wasn’t just a hockey game. It was us against them – our nemesis – our Cold War enemy. And we won! We beat those dang Russians! And it not only became the greatest moment in sporting history. It gave us hope again. It made us feel good to be Americans. It helped start to believe in American miracles again. And that's why we still talk about it today - and always will.

Enjoy this video! And God bless America!

From Pastor Jimmy Britt :: Funeral Arrangements

Hey Rocky River Church. Greetings on a snowy day! I hope you are warm, safe and able to have some fun.

I wanted to let you know about two important funeral arrangements in our church family. As you may have heard by now, Brian Walters and Jeanna Lazaro Willix both lost their fathers this week. Due to weather considerations, the following funeral arrangements have been made. Please make a note that the funeral arrangements for Brian’s dad have changed due to inclement weather in Charlotte.

Brian’s dad is Richard Walters. He will be memorialized on Friday evening, February 14 at McKewen’s Funeral Home (the Derita Chapel) located at 6300 Mallard Creek Road, Charlotte, NC at 7PM. The family will be receiving friends immediately following the service.

The funeral service for Jeanna’s dad, Randall Hanes, will be on Monday, February 17 at 11AM at Hillsdale United Methodist Church in Advance, NC. The address for the church is 5018 U.S. Highway 158, Advance, NC. Internment will immediately follow in the Smith Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery. The family will receive friends on Sunday evening, February 16 at Hillsdale UMC from 4-6PM.

I would like to ask you to pray for Brian and Jeanna’s families. As you can imagine, this is a difficult time for them. Also, if you are able to, please make every effort to attend the receiving of friends and/or the funeral services. It will mean a great deal to the families.

Thank you for giving this due attention.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” –Matthew 5:4

God bless you!

Jimmy Britt, Lead Pastor

This Is True - Whether You Like It Or Not

So, people are TICKED OFF about a giraffe being euthanized in Denmark. I get it. It seems crazy to me too. It was an 18 month old, seemingly healthy giraffe that other zoos and private citizens were willing to buy. BUT HEY, WHAT ABOUT THE 55 MILLION BABIES THAT HAVE BEEN ABORTED IN THIS COUNTRY ALONE? What about their "right" to life? The hypocrisy of the mainstream liberal media (like Anderson Cooper of CNN) makes me sick. See, Anderson Cooper takes issue with this because the giraffe's life has "value." Well, Anderson, I don't remember EVER hearing you argue for the right on unborn children? What about the value of a human baby - and her/his right to life? Where's the shock and outrage over that? If you are appalled over the autopsy of a dead giraffe then you should watch a video of a late term abortion. THAT IS TRULY APPALLING!

Our values in the USA and EUROPE are truly sick and twisted when an animal is more valuable than a human baby. Shame on you and me if we're more upset about the death of an animal than the fact that millions of babies are destroyed all over the world each year. If you can argue more for the rights of a dead animal than an unborn child then I question your humanity.

One more thought. We have NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN to (or about) a holy and righteous God when He judges us because of this filthy lack of ability to recognize right from wrong. If Sodom and Gomorrah deserved God's judgment, then BY GOD we do too.

P.S. -21,000 children around the world died today from curable diseases. 1/2 of those 21,000 children died from diarrhea. DIARRHEA! They got diarrhea because they don't have clean drinking water. The other 10,500 children died from things like malaria. Can you imagine that? In this country we figured out how to cure malaria 100 years ago. Is anyone pissed-off about this? Is anyone upset about the fact that 50% of the world's population lives in such abject poverty that when they received their pay at the end of today it wasn't enough to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Why? Because they are ruled by third-world thugs and dictators who are only interesting in serving themselves so they keep their people impoverished. Did you know that 1/2 of the world's population can't read and write? There is literally no excuse for this.

Hey Christians, lets get focused on what really matters here - people.

Church 101 - Membership Class, THIS SUNDAY!

Hey Rocky River Church! I just wanted to invite you to our next Membership Class, CHURCH 101. The class is this Sunday, February 16 from 4:30 until 6:30. Of course, the class will be the Church in the worship center. If you are new to RRC this is a great way to find out more about the church, our beliefs, structure and vision.

Here's a short description of Church 101:
[Church 101 is the Membership Class of Rocky River Church. It is taught by our Lead Pastor, Jimmy Britt, and is designed to explain the beliefs, practices, vision and values of Rocky River Church. This class is for folks who are ready to become members as well as those who just want to know more about Rocky River. At the end of this class you will have the opportunity to become a member.]

If you would like us to hold a spot for you just send an email to Pastor@RockyRiverChurch and we will get you on the list. Oh yeah, we will be offering free childcare.

Hope to hear from you soon! God bless.

Jimmy Britt, Lead Pastor