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As you can imagine, I have spent a lot of time in the Bible over the last 15 years or so in ministry and ministry preparation (college and Seminary). I did my Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Poli Sci and my graduate degree (Master of Divinity) at Gardner-Webb University. The greatest gift my professors gave me is a love for the Scriptures. One of my favorite professors of all time is a lady named Dr. Sherri Adams. I will never forget the first statement she made to our class my first year in graduate school. She said, “In my classes, you will read the Bible.” WOW! What a novel idea: seminary students reading the Bible. But you’d be surprised how man seminarians graduate having never read all the way through the Bible – let alone understand it.

Another statement that Dr. Adams made to our class (on more than one occasion) was, “The Church (the Body of Christ) should be all of God’s people reading all of God’s Word (the Bible).” I agree with her. And starting today I want to do my best to make good on that. I am inviting you – whether you are a part of Rocky River Community Church or not – to join me on a journey through the Bible. We’re going to take it a book at a time and I plan to alternate between Old Testament and New Testament books – so we don’t get bogged down in Leviticus. I’m not trying to get through it in a hurry. This is not a one-year plan. Instead, I want us to digest it and really get our hands around it as we go.

Ever couple days or so I will be posting on this blog what I am learning and some insights that might help you as you go. I don’t know how well I’ll be able to respond to individual questions but you are certainly welcome to make comments and give feedback.

Here are a couple things you will need: A modern translation of the Bible (I primarily use the New Living Translation), and a notebook and pen to write down your thoughts and learnings. If you are so inspired, I would also recommend you get a Bible Handbook. The standard is Halley’s Bible Handbook. BTW, if you don’t have a modern translation I will be glad to send you one – or you can pick one up on Sundays at Rocky River Community Church.

We will begin this week with the Gospel of Mark. This week’s reading is the Gospel of Mark, chapters 1-9. I’ll post my thoughts on Friday. ENJOY! I’m glad you are coming along! If you are so inclined, shoot me an email just to let me know you are in...

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