Reading through Judges

I am reading through the Old Testament book of Judges. The Judges were men and woman that God used for a period of time to lead His people, the Children of Israel, and help them make good decisions – which for the most part they do not. Anyway, here are some of my thoughts from my this morning from the life of Samson.

-Even though Samson was a leader – God’s chosen leader – he was a sinner. He was also stupid at times and the sin that led to his death was a result of his placing himself in the wrong environments. Most of our problems can be traced back to the fact that we were somewhere we didn’t belong.
-He slept with prostitutes.
-His arrogance was a major contributor to his downfall.
-He exercised bad judgment, even though he was a Judge.
-We all have tendencies to sin. It would be wrong to look at Samson – whose sins eventually led to his death – and think you’re better or different that Samson. All of us are prone toward sin.
-The consequences of sin are humbling. Samson’s weakness for fast, loose women led him to sin against God and show his vulnerabilities. He found himself captured by his nation’s rival enemy. The Philistines gouged out his eyes and used him as an ox to grind grain. While he was blind and shackled to a millstone he cried out to God for forgiveness. The results of his sin showed him his need for God. And that is when he turned to God.

We saw something similar this week with Michael Vick. A lot of people have criticized Vick because now that he’s in trouble he has “found Jesus.” I don’t really understand that though. Usually we don’t recognize our need for God until we’re in a situation that we cannot control. The consequence of our sin humbles us and shows us that we are sinners and that we need God. I don’t like Michael Vick because he plays for the Panthers rival. I don’t like him for killing dogs. But I embrace him now as a brother in Christ because in my own life I too have been humbled by my own sins. And in my times of desperation I too have realized that I need God and I turned to Him for help. That’s not shallow or hypocritical. It’s normal!

-God forgave Samson. He did “look” on him again. He did give him his strength back. And his people again embraced him and brought his body from Gaza back to the tomb of his father. Point: God hears us when we cry out from the consequences of our sins. He doesn’t want us to suffer the consequences of our sin – eternally for sure. Isn’t that why He sent Jesus Christ to live and die for us so that we wouldn’t pay for our sins? “Jesus paid it all!” God wants to forgive us. And Jesus teaches us that judgment is His job – not yours or mine.

Enough preaching...

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