Some Things That Have Me Excited About Rocky River Church

1. Most of all, I'm excited about the changed lives we're experiencing at RRC. I say it all the time but that is our "business" and right now business is good (in a way of speaking). God is really blessing us with people and changed lives. One of the areas we are hearing lots of testimonies in is the area of finances. People who have taken the tithe challenge have incredible testimonies about the provision of God. That has been awesome!

2. I'm JACKED UP about our student and children's ministries at RRC.

Kids first. On February 5th we are relaunching our RiverKidz ministry. Wait until you see what we have planned! I have NEVER been more excited about the direction of this ministry. Our Preschool through 5th grade kids are going to LOVE what we are about to do in there.

Now The Flood - our Middle School/High School ministry. WE LOVE STUDENTS! Will is doing a great job with our students. He is focused on building relationships with those guys and developing some leaders and it is really beginning to pay off. We had a HUGE group of High School students on Sunday night. MS/HS students are gearing up for a big weekend in March.

ALSO, beginning Sunday, February 5, we are going to again be offering a Sunday morning Middle School option for gathering. This means that Middle Schoolers who are new to RRC, or just not connected on Wednesday nights, will have a Sunday morning program for them.

Honestly, it would not surprise me if our kids and students didn't run us out of our building in a year or so. I'm serious - I see that kind of potential! It is exciting!

3. GROUPS. We are going to launch a new groups ministry on February 5th like we've never seen before at RRC. It is the answer we have been searching for to help our church get connected with one another like never before. Our focus in 2012 is getting our folks connected to one another. My heart is for our church to grow smaller as we keep growing larger.

4. Our Wednesday night Bible study. Okay, this is going to mean A LOT of extra work for me but it is going to be SO WORTH IT! On February 15th we are kicking off a Wednesday Bible study - verse by verse - through the book of Revelation. We are getting a lot of positive feedback on this. People are going to love it! This kind of format - just me and an open Bible guiding folks through a chapter of the Bible - is my favorite. Get ready!

5. We roll out our 2012 Ministry Investment Budget on February 5th. Yes, we are a little behind on getting it out, but it is our biggest, best, most exciting budget EVER. Get excited RRC! We are going to all the places where God is leading us!

6. I'm TOTALLY JACKED UP about how we are ministering to our community and the world. We are showing the love of Jesus to the world like never before. For example, we are doing some cool things through CCM (Cooperative Christian Ministries in Concord), the Baptist Sharing House of Concord, Loaves and Fishes, and our own church/community through our benevolence ministry. We are also supporting missions in Kannapolis through Mission 217 and The Journey Church in Boca Raton, FL. Additionally, we are supporting Richard and Megan Harrell (and their boys) as pilot missionaries to South Africa. And just in case you don't know, the Harrell's are right out of Rocky River Church (homegrown missionaries). We are also supporting John Quast and his family as they are ministering to the unreached people in Paraguay by interpreting the Bible in their language. WOW! That is a lot - but there is even more happening. All of it means that we are fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28. So exciting!

7. THIS SUNDAY @ ROCKY RIVER CHURCH! I am teaching a message from Luke 5:1-11 called "When You've Come Up Empty." If you have messed up in life or you just feel like you're not getting anywhere, don't miss being at Rocky River Church this Sunday at 9 or 11. I believe God is going to be impacting lives - your life if you're willing.

GET EXCITED! BUCKLE UP! See you Sunday! Love you guys! I love my church!