Opportunity - PLEASE READ

Hey Rocky River Church. I have an opportunity for you to help me with a very important project I am working on with Will (our Pastor to Students). In March our students have an opportunity to participate in what is called a "Disciple Now" weekend. Basically, this is going to be a weekend where our students are immersed in the Bible, worship and fellowship with each other and other students in our area. The cost for this project is only $2,000. Our students work so hard to raise money for camp and other events throughout the year andI would really like to bless them with the money they need for this. We have not included this in our student budget so it is extra. Will you help me fund this for them? Any amount you can give would be appreciated but I'm wondering if there are 10 people out there who can give $200. That's all it would take. Send me an email to Pastor@RockyRiverChurch.com and let me know if you can help. To get the best pricing we need the money by Sunday.

Thanks for blessing our students in this way! It is a GREAT opportunity to make a significant investment into the lives of our students. Love you!

Pastor Jimmy